Frenchie Puppy

If you are considering adoption, please read the entire contents of this section, BEFORE downloading the application.

"Meet and Greet" is one of the initial step for any adoption. We do not have a 'facility' or maintain a 'shelter' at this time .ALL of our rescues are fostered within private volunteer homes. Once we receive applications, we would start finding a potential “match” and move forward with the process. This process is done by invitation appointment only.


Our adoption process:
After receiving your application, an application acknowledgment letter will be mailed to you. After review, an acceptance or denial acknowledgment letter will be sent. The turn-around time is usually about 2-3 weeks. The length of time can vary depending upon how many rescues we currently have in the program.

We do ask any applicant who subsequently acquired another dog to notify us in writing so that we may remove that application from our tentatively pending file.

Once a rescued pet is ready for adoption (medical care, rehabilitation and/or retraining completed), each approved application is then checked to see which family(s) most closely matches the needs of that particular dog.

R. K memorial Furry Planet Review Board volunteer calls the applicant(s), relays as much background information as possible, and arranges an appointment to a 'Meet and Greet' and observes the interaction of the family and the pet. It is strongly suggested that all family members attend this 'initial interaction' meeting, along with current family pets, when feasible.

After an initial positive interaction meeting, the applicants would be able to adopt that available pet. Our adoptions are never determined by 'the next' available application name(s) on the list. Each pet is carefully placed with the best suited adoptive family and visa versa.

The adoption family signs our 'Adoption Contract' and provides a donation which helps cover expenses, and a transfer of ownership, money payable to the microchip registration company. Our adoption donations help to cover costly Veterinarian services, included surgery, vaccinations, professional services to help in their recovery and wellness, foster care supplies, food, prescription medicines, and other program costs (i.e.: transportation, phone bills, office supplies, etc.).

The pet and its new family go home with a copy of the Adoption Contract, new leash and collar with a temporary Rescue ID tag,diet instructions, toys, medicine/medicated shampoo (if applicable), foster volunteer 'case workers' telephone number(s), program directors telephone number(s), training tips and other necessary items.

R K Memorial Furry Planet, usually the foster 'case worker', makes routine follow-up calls to assure the re-homing of the pet is successful. These calls help to resolve any questions or concerns before they become problems. We want the time, energy and love we put into these placements to always have the best outcome for both our pets and the adoptive family.

You may either—
A. Download and print the PDF application (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader). Then complete the form, prepare a personal cover letter* and mail with a $10.00 donation check to offset our processing costs, payable to:

R K MEMORIAL FURRY PLANET, to the PO Box address on the application. Complete all the information requested on the form. Failing to do so will only delay your application.


B. If you don't have a printer or Internet access, simply write to our PO Box requesting a R.K Memorial Furry Planet 'Adoption Application Package'. Please include a $10.00 donation check, which helps defray our processing costs (i.e. postage, envelopes, copies, paper, telephone, etc.).
*You may wish to include a cover letter with additional information about your family, enjoyed activities, expectations about owning a dog, other companion pet temperaments/behaviors which we ALWAYS consider, etc.

Make check payable to:

R.K. Memorial Furry Planet
6906 Miramar Rd. Suite C#307
San Diego, CA 92121

Thank you so much for your interest in adopting one of our fur babies!