RK Memorial Furry Planet Sponsorship Program

**All donations go directly toward the care of our furry babies in our rescue program and are always welcome and needed. We appreciate any donations, no matter the size.**


Monthly Pledge

Select a recipient and an amount below, then click the "BECOME A SPONSOR" button below.

Disclaimer: If more money is raised for a particular petthan is needed for its care, the Rescue will use the remaining funds for the general benefit of other oetsin  Rescue's care. Once the pet you selected is adopted, your monthly contribution will go into the general benefit fund to help others, unless you cancel your subscription. Thank you!

You may cancel your subscription at any time.


One Time Donation

You may donate to support any peta specific pet or one with special needs. To donate, simply log into your PayPal account. You will have the option to specify the name of the special needs or specific pet  you want to your donation to help. Thanks so much!


Donate with Personal Check

Mail your personal check donation or money order to:

R.K. Memorial Furry Planet

6906 Miramar Rd. Suite C#307
San Diego, CA 92126