RK Memorial Furry Planet

Our Mission:

  1. To house the beloved pets of ourĀ Military PersonnelĀ when they get deployed out of state or out of country. They will be able to take their babies back home once they return from their deployments

  2. To continue working with various organizations like SOS, Soi Foundation, Humane Society International , ASPCA, Animal Unlimited, Hope for Paws. Our goal is to end cruel and horrific activities like dog meat farms, dog fights, deplorable puppy mills, etc.

  3. Another important goal is to RESCUE innocent animals from euthanasia, neglect, and distressing conditions and bring them to our safe haven where they will undergo physical and mental rehabilitation. Once ready, they will be adopted to loving homes only. These furry babies will learn to trust and love humans again and know that they are loved and wanted.

Our Goals:

  • Our main goal at this time is to build a beautiful facility where these furry babies will stay in Amish built small houses instead of cages and kennels.

  • They will attend obedience and training and have play grounds with shallow swimming pools and trampoline etc.

  • There will be on-site medical clinic for immediate needs. We will also have at least 15 veterinarians and specialists who have pledged to provide pro bono services at least once a month.

  • We will grow a variety of fruits and vegetables within the facility which will provide organic meals to these babies.

Thank you all for visiting our site and showing interest in helping furry babies who've lost their home because of various circumstances.